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Spring in Maple Ridge!

Greetings Maple Ridge,

May flowers are in bloom and Maple Ridge is looking great this Spring! The pool will officially open this month on May 15th and we have the Pool Opening Party on June 5th! The Maple Ridge Manta Ray Swim Team will be back in action this year and there is still time to register your children for the team. The swim team signup link is below in the Announcements section.

In April the HOA introduced the newly implemented covenants and bylaws and if you were unable to attend the April 12th meeting you may view these documents in the “Documents” section of our community website.

As part of the ongoing 2021 Billing season we are requesting all Maple Ridge residents select their ongoing membership option when paying their annual dues. It has been very encouraging in the first couple of weeks of the billing season to so many neighbors choosing the lower priced “Permanent Member” option and thereby helping to ensure Maple Ridge continues on a path towards better maintained entrances, common areas and facilities.


We hope you enjoy the May edition of the Maple Ridge Newsletter!


- Maple Ridge Homeowners Association



2021 Billing Season

Invoice and Membership Options

The 2021 Billing Season is underway and we hope you join your neighbors and become permanent members for just $100 per year or $400 to use the pool, pavilion and tennis courts. You may make your membership selection and pay your annual dues online, or download a printable 2021 Invoice.


Comparing Maple Ridge Fees

Maple Ridge Fees vs Neighboring Communities

Did you know Maple Ridge offers swim/tennis usage nearly 35% less than neighboring communities? The comparison criteria includes single family, swim/tennis communities within 5 miles of Maple Ridge. In addition, 95% of these communities require these fees regardless of usage with no option of paying a fractional amount such as our $100 permanent member option. Take a look!


Covenants and Bylaws

View or download the recently introduced non-restrictive covenants and associated community bylaws online in the documents section. These association documents were introduced in April to facilitate the transition to a permanent membership homeowners association and help maintain or improve Maple Ridge home values.


Electronic Key Fob

New Member Distribution or Replacement FOB's

New members who have paid for Swim/Tennis/Pavilion use in 2021 will receive new electronic key Fobs the week of May 16th and unpaid Fobs will be deactivated on May 16th. If you have lost your Key Fob you may order a new electronic key Fob online for $25.00.


Pavilion Party Reservations

Reservations now being accepted for 2021

Reservations are now being accepted for 2021 parties at the Maple Ridge Pavilion. Swim/Tennis members may make reservations and submit the refundable deposit by downloading the Pavilion Reservation Form.

Swim Image.jpg

Swim Team Registration

2021 Maple Ridge Manta Rays

Learn more and register your children for the 2021 Maple Ridge Manta Ray Swim team! Swimmers of all ages and experience levels from ages 5 to 18 are welcome!


Suggestion Box!

Please share your Suggestions or feedback

We would like to hear your ideas, suggestions or feedback to further improve Maple Ridge! If you have anything community related on your mind please take a minute to share your thoughts with the HOA.

Open Suggestion Box

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to those celebrating in May!

Anne Arris

Jebo Barnes

Cheryl Bell

Erica Carroll

Ben Crowley

Neriah Feaster

John Ghirardini

Brenda Grant

Roy Hamlyn

Marilyn Hildebrandt

Ivy Hull

Doug Isbecque 

Pam Isbecque

Sureta Joubert

Karen Nester

Emily Okeson

Alan Ruprecht

Annette Winchester

Throwing Caps

Congratulations Maple Ridge Graduates!

Peachtree Ridge:

Jessica Backer

Jason Fortnam

Colby Smith

Callie Simonton

Henry Armstrong

Skyleigh Inthacheck

Simon Joubert

Michaela Morrison


Columbus State:

Bethany Barnes


Greater Atlanta Christian:

Brooks Miller


Liberty University:

Dalton Kane


Aviation Institute of Maintenance:

Mason McMullan

Upcoming Events

Branch out and Stay Connected


HOA Annual Payment Due Date

May 15th, 2021

As a friendly reminder, 2021 Annual Dues and Membership selections are due on May 15th, 2021. On May 16th Key Fob's will be programmed and prepared for distribution.


Last Day of School!

May 26th, 2021 - Gwinnett County Schools

The last day of school for Gwinnett County Schools will be Wednesday, May 26th! The pool will be open for end of year celebrations and the pavilion will be on a first come basis that day.

Children in School Bus

Pool Opening Party

Saturday, June 5th, 2021

Join your neighbors at the pool on June 5th for the Annual Pool Opening Party! This event will be limited to swim/tennis members to keep attendance more limited due to CDC suggestions.


Maple Ridge Shout Outs!

Recognizing those that make Maple Ridge a great community!



Congratulations Warren Family

The Warren family on Eryn Circle is this months Yard of the Month with an always beautiful and well maintained property.

Congratulations to the Warren Family! [Enlarge Picture]


Maple Ridgemen Get a Win!

Maple Ridge Softball

The Maple Ridgemen softball team picked up a rare win on April 6th at George Pierce Park winning 17-14. Congratulations Maple Ridgemen!

Pictured: Second Basemen Brian Taylor


Maple Ridge Street Captains

Thank You Street Captains

Thank you Maple Ridge Street Captains for volunteering to deliver the 2021 Invoices!

Pam Hammett, Gayle Bricker-Stockinger, Melinda Briley, April Okeson, Kionne Feaster, Colleen Kingery, Sharon Newkam, Jebo Barnes, Nancy Humphrey, Sarah Klayman and Joanna Jacobs

Ridge Pics

Community Event and Sports Recaps

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter 2021

Maple Ridge Sports!

Stay Active, Compete and have fun with your Neighbors!


Maple Ridge Manta rays Swim Team

The Manta Rays are returning to action again in the spring of 2021 and we are excited to see our Rays in the pool again! For more information on the team and how your child can get involved, please visit


Maple Ridge Tennis

Maple Ridge Tennis teams compete all year with Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter seasons. If you are interested in joining the team, even if you just want to practice with the team, please contact us and we will have a team captain reach out to you!


Maple Ridgemen Softball Team

The Maple Ridgemen Softball Team is a fun, semi-competitive team playing in the Gwinnett County Softball League at George Pierce Park. The Ridgemen play in the Spring and Fall seasons. For more information on joining the team, please contact the HOA and the team manager will reach out to you!

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The Maple Ridge Newsletter is created and distributed digitally by the Maple Ridge Homeowners Board with content created by the board and submitted for inclusion by community homeowners. If you have any questions, comments or have suggestions for future newsletters. please contact the Maple Ridge HOA.

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