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Newsletter Advertising

The Maple Ridge Newsletter is monthly digital newsletter offered to 200 households in Maple Ridge consisting of 256 individual recipients on Facebook and e-mail invitation. Maple Ridge is happy to offer children and young adults under 18 years old who live in the neighborhood the opportunity to advertise their community based services.
To advertise in the Maple Ridge Newsletter for free, you or your child must be:
  • 18 years old or younger
  • Reside in Maple Ridge
  • Offer a service to Maple Ridge residents
Distribution Date: The 1st of each month
Audience: 256 Maple Ridge Residents
Advertising Size: 400 (wide) X 200 (tall) pixel advertisements uploaded online or 30 words of text that we will format for you
Security and Privacy: Advertisement content must be of a parent. No contact information of children is permissible
Placement: At bottom of newsletter content
Duration: 1 Month - You must resubmit your advertisement each month by the 25th to be included in the next newsletter
Cost: Free!
Maple Ridge reserves the right to ask for edits to the advertising piece and right to refuse advertising submissions. All advertisements must be uploaded in jpeg format in 400X200 pixel size or simplt type up to 30 words in the form below.
To get started, please complete the short form below to sign up as an advertiser! You will then be asked to upload your 400X200 pixel artwork if you choose, otherwise you can just write your advertisement below.
If you have any questions, please write to


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