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Summer in Maple Ridge!

Greetings Maple Ridge,

Summertime is finally here this month! The CDC has lifted restrictions for vaccinated people just in time for Summer fun!  The pool is open, the tennis courts are in the process of being repaired and repaved and swim/tennis members are enjoying the amenities to the fullest! For our neighbors that haven't yet become swim/tennis annual members, please click the link in Announcements section to pay just $400 ($100 community maintenance and $300 year long access to amenities). For our neighbors that are not interested in swimming/tennis but love Maple Ridge and want to see more improvements each year, you can choose to pay $50 to $100 to support the neighborhood HOA at the link in the Announcements section.


Our swim team started practice in Mid-May and many of our kids are benefiting from safety protocols that allow them to enjoy time with friends and get exercise early mornings and evenings. You can see some of our neighborhood swimmers and coaches in the Ridge Pics section. The Social Committee will have a Pool Opening Bash to start the season off right for neighbors of all ages! Due to concerns on numbers, the event is now open to paid members only. See more information in the Announcements. We look forward to continuing to improve and enjoy our neighborhood with your support!


We hope you enjoy the June edition of the Maple Ridge Newsletter!


- Maple Ridge Homeowners Association



2021 Billing Season

Invoice and Membership Options

The 2021 Billing Season closed May 15th but the $25.00 late fee hasn't been added to the membership fee yet! Take advantage of our lazy web guy and join now! Be a part of the fun this year and meet more of your neighbors at community events! You may make your membership selection and pay your annual dues online, or download a printable 2021 Invoice.


2021 Membership Recap

Maple Ridge Coming Together in 2021

We are having a record year in Maple Ridge! Despite the maintenance contributions decreasing slightly this year, permanent membership is near 50% in year 1 of the transition and swim tennis usage is up to 80 families from 67 last year which is a record going back over 10 years. HOA Revenue is up nearly 20% from last year and at the time of publishing 60% of families have paid annual dues of some level. Thank you very much for coming together Maple Ridge to ensure our facilities and grounds are maintained well and improved as needed.


Covenants and Bylaws

View or download the recently introduced non-restrictive covenants and associated community bylaws online in the documents section. These association documents were introduced in April to facilitate the transition to a permanent membership homeowners association and help maintain or improve Maple Ridge home values.


Electronic Key Fob

New Member Distribution or Replacement FOB's

New members who have paid for Swim/Tennis/Pavilion should have received new electronic key Fobs in mid-May. If you have lost your Key Fob you may order a new electronic key Fob online for $25.00. If you are still in need of a key Fob and are paid in full for the year, please write to the HOA at


Pavilion Party Reservations

Reservations now being accepted for 2021

Reservations are now being accepted for 2021 parties at the Maple Ridge Pavilion. Swim/Tennis members may make reservations and submit the refundable deposit by downloading the Pavilion Reservation Form.


Permanent Member Consent Form

County Recording of Status

In coming weeks we will begin the process of formally recording permanent members with Gwinnett County which will require a quick signing and notarizing of the Covenant Consent Form for permanent members. We will likely create multiple event days at the pool and even do front porch meetings to make the process as convenient as possible. More details to follow on this process.


Suggestion Box!

Please share your Suggestions or feedback

We would like to hear your ideas, suggestions or feedback to further improve Maple Ridge! If you have anything community related on your mind please take a minute to share your thoughts with the HOA.

Open Suggestion Box

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to those celebrating in June!

Chris Bozzone

Hannah Brewer

Ann Dubose

Pamela Handley

Gary Hildebrandt

abigail kingery

Keenan Klayman

Joe LaBarre

Raymond Lee

Michael Livingston

Lawana Poss

Brad Quinlin

Guy Ray

Mary Pat Ruprecht

Darryl Stephens

Upcoming Events

Branch out and Stay Connected


Pool Opening Party

Saturday, June 5th, 2021, 12PM to 2PM

Bring your picnic lunch and come join us! the pool will be open to all swim/tennis members along with music, games, prizes and fun! We will have a pie eating contest for ages 13 and up, whip cream eating contest for 13 and under, diving for coins for all kids and a greased watermelon for the adults! We will also have Georgia Sno out at 1 pm for you to buy cold treats!! Due to safety protocols this event will be for paid swim/tennis members only.

Please register for the pie eating contest on Facebook so we will know how many pies to purchase.


Maple Ridge Shout Outs!

Recognizing those that make Maple Ridge a great community!



Congratulations Nestor Family

The Nestor family on Danielle is this months Yard of the Month with an always beautiful and well maintained property.

Congratulations to the Nestor Family! [Enlarge Picture]


Larry and Sharon Newkam!

Tennis Courts, Tables and Power washing

The Newkam's along with any helpers they can convince to join them were hard at work for the Ridge again in May with the exhaustive job of repairing cracks in the tennis courts. Larry also powerwashed the entire pavilion to prepare for staining and refinished all of the pavilion tables. Another HUGE shoutout to Larry and Sharon!


Peachtree Ridge Park Lady Lions

2nd Place - Queen of the Hill Tournament

Congratulations to Sanai Feaster and the Lady Lions for their second place finish at the Queen of the Hill softball Tournament last month! 

Ridge Pics

Community Event and Sports Recaps

Peachtree Ridge Park Lady Lions

Second Place Tournament Finish!

Maple Ridge Sports!

Stay Active, Compete and have fun with your Neighbors!


Maple Ridge Manta rays Swim Team

The Manta Rays are back in action again in the Spring/Summer of 2021 and we are excited to see our Rays in the pool again! For more information on the team and how your child can get involved, please visit


Maple Ridge Tennis

Maple Ridge Tennis teams compete all year with Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter seasons. If you are interested in joining the team, even if you just want to practice with the team, please contact us and we will have a team captain reach out to you!


Maple Ridgemen Softball Team

The Maple Ridgemen Softball Team is a fun, semi-competitive team playing in the Gwinnett County Softball League at George Pierce Park. The Ridgemen play in the Spring and Fall seasons. For more information on joining the team, please contact the HOA and the team manager will reach out to you!

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The Maple Ridge Newsletter is created and distributed digitally by the Maple Ridge Homeowners Board with content created by the board and submitted for inclusion by community homeowners. If you have any questions, comments or have suggestions for future newsletters. please contact the Maple Ridge HOA.

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