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Maple Ridge Newsletter

Greetings Maple Ridge,

As another great Summer in Maple Ridge winds down, the Fall season will mark the return of some of our favorite community events and Maple Ridge Sports. Next week the Maple Ridgemen Softball team will take the field for their fall season and Men’s and Women’s Doubles tennis teams will begin play. The pool will close on September 12th however pavilion and tennis court reservations are available all year for members.


This September marks the 1 year anniversary of the return of the Maple Ridge Newsletter and we hope you have enjoyed the newsletter and find it informative. Moving forward with the newsletter we would like to encourage more input from you and always welcome your submissions in the “Shout out” and ‘RidgePics” section. We also aim to start a “Meet Your Neighbor” section next month that will feature three neighbors in a Q&A format. Please use the “Suggestion Box” section below to let us know what you want to hear about in future newsletters.


We hope you enjoy the September edition of the Maple Ridge Newsletter!


- Maple Ridge Homeowners Association



Fall Sports Back in Action!

Men's Tennis, Women's Tennis and Softball

Next week the Tennis teams kick off action with the men and women's team's both on the road. The Maple Ridgemen Softball team takes the field for their season opener on Tuesday the 7th at George Pierce Park!

Outdoor Tennis Court

Women's Beginner Tennis

Lessons and Practices in Maple Ridge

Interested in learning to play tennis or brushing up on your skills? Please join us Tuesday nights from 7- 8 pm for lessons with Coach Amy Paske of Genesis Tennis. (A small fee is required). If you are not interested in lessons we also have practices where you can play with other beginners. Available to Maple Ridge Swim/Tennis Members.

To find out more information, please contact Krista Nordman at


Pavilion Party Reservations

Reservations now being accepted for 2021

Reservations are still being accepted for 2021 parties at the Maple Ridge Pavilion. Swim/Tennis members may make reservations and submit the refundable deposit by downloading the Pavilion Reservation Form.


Lifeguard Not On Duty

Lifeguard Staffing Shortage

Due to staffing difficulties affecting many industries right now, our pool management company is unable to provide lifeguards for the remainder of the pool season. As always please be aware of all children at the pool.


Permanent Member Consent Form

County Recording of Status

This month we will finish the process of recording permanent members and formally recording our new covenants and bylaws with Gwinnett County.  This process will require a very quick signing and notarizing of the Covenant Consent Form for permanent members. We will hold our fourth and final signing day of the year at the pavilion on September 14th between 7:00 and 8:00pm. If you are a permanent member please mark your calendars to stop by the pool for a few minutes during time to quickly sign your consent form. All members listed on the deed of your home should be signers on the consent form.


Suggestion Box!

Please share your Suggestions or feedback

We would like to hear your ideas, suggestions or feedback to further improve Maple Ridge! If you have anything community related on your mind please take a minute to share your thoughts with the HOA.

Open Suggestion Box

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to those celebrating in September!

Jim Bruister

Lorraine Buchbinder

Ann Cawthon

Donna Dix

Sanai Feaster

Jill Heska

Tom Humphrey

Tom Kingery

Doug McAlexander

Stephen McClain

Holly Paszkowski

Julius Stempfle

John Stockinger

John Tarwater

Jack Wilde

Upcoming Events

Branch out and Stay Connected


Labor Day

September 6th, 2021

Labor Day is September 6th. No school for the kiddos!


Pool Closing Day

Sunday September 12th, 2021

The pool will close for the season at the end of the day on Sunday, September 12th.


Planned Digital Learning Day

Tuesday September 14th, 2021

Tuesday, September 14th is one of six planned digital learning days for students in Gwinnett County Schools. All students will learn from home that day.


Membership Signing Event

Tuesday September 14th, 2021 7:00 to 8:00PM

Permanent Members! Please swing by the pavilion to sign your Permanent Member Consent form on Tuesday the 14th between 7 and 8pm. This will take just a minute and will complete our new membership transition. If you are unable to make it down to the pool during this time please contact the HOA and we will send you the consent form to have notarized. Thank you Maple Ridge Members!


September Events in Suwanee

Visit the Suwanee Events Page for Details

9/4 - First Believe you Can Walkathon - Town Center 1:30PM

9/11 -  9/11 Remembrance - Town Center 6PM

9/18 - SuwaneeFest! - Town Center 10AM


Maple Ridge Shout Outs!

Recognizing those that make Maple Ridge a great community!



Congratulations Grant Family

The Grant family on Maple Ridge Drive is this months Yard of the Month with an always beautiful and well maintained property.

Congratulations to the Grant Family! [Enlarge Picture]


Thank you Jennifer and Tammy

Membership Consent Notaries

Thank you to Jennifer McMullan and Tammy Brewer for volunteering your time and notary services for the three permanent membership signing days last month and the upcoming signing day on the 14th! To date Tammy and Jenn have notarized approximately 85 membership consent forms in the three sessions.


Thank you Permanent Members

Partners in the Community

We have completed our first billing season under the new non-restrictive covenants which were developed solely to ensure Maple Ridge has the financial strength to maintain and improve our community. This much needed transition will ensure we are able to compete with the many newer communities being developed and also keep home values and buyer demand high. Thank you all for the overwhelming support to your community this year. We have proven (even to our lawyers that assisted us in this transition) that a voluntary membership drive with zero restrictions can be a great success when you have tight-knit community that comes together for a common goal. Thank you all!

If you haven't become a Permanent or Planned member you can come on board at any time! More information on Permanent Membership

Ridge Pics

Community Event and Sports Recaps

Maple Ridge Back to School!

Back to School 2021!

Maple Ridge Sports!

Stay Active, Compete and have fun with your Neighbors!


Maple Ridge Manta rays Swim Team

The Manta Rays have finished up an incredible championship season this year and we are excited to see our Manta Rays in the pool again in 2022! For more information on the team and how your child can get involved, please visit


Maple Ridge Tennis

Maple Ridge Tennis teams compete all year with Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter seasons. If you are interested in joining the team, even if you just want to practice with the team, please contact us and we will have a team captain reach out to you!


Maple Ridgemen Softball Team

The Maple Ridgemen Softball Team is a fun, semi-competitive team playing in the Gwinnett County Softball League at George Pierce Park. The Ridgemen play in the Spring and Fall seasons. For more information on joining the team, please contact the HOA and the team manager will reach out to you!

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The Maple Ridge Newsletter is created and distributed digitally by the Maple Ridge Homeowners Board with content created by the board and submitted for inclusion by community homeowners. If you have any questions, comments or have suggestions for future newsletters. please contact the Maple Ridge HOA.

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