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Growing Together

2020 has been difficult for all of us. With so many challenges pulling us apart, it is important that we find ways to come together. The Maple Ridge Newsletter will be created monthly by the Maple Ridge HOA for our neighborhood and with stories from our neighbors. We want to plant seeds in our community that helps us be informed, stay connected, and grow together.


When needed, the HOA will post important business and social information for our community. We also invite YOU to contribute in the following ways:



  • Announcements: Birthdays, Births, Memoriums, Engagements, College Admissions and Graduations

  • Events: Social Activities, School fundraisers, Lemonade stands, Holiday gatherings

  • Shoutouts!: Tell us about your favorite neighbor!

  • Ridge Pics: Pictures from neighborhood swim/tennis/softball and school sports events

  • Maple Ridge Sports: See how the teams are doing and learn how to get involved!




We look forward to making this newsletter a reflection of our community and create stronger roots as a neighborhood family.



Warm regards,

Maple Ridge Homeowners Association



Pool Closed for the Season

Pool Closed for the season September 13th

Another pool season is in the books and huge thank you is in order to the many volunteers that signed up for shifts to sanitize the facilities to ensure we maintained a clean environment this season.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to those celebrating in September!

Sanai F.

Stephen M.

Tom K.

Upcoming Events

Branch out and Stay Connected


Fall Tennis Begins this Week

September 5th at the Tennis Courts

Women's, Men's and Senior's tennis begins this week in Maple Ridge. If you are interested in practicing with one of the teams or joining Spring tennis please contact the HOA for details!

Tennis Ball

Pool Closing Popsicle Party

September 12, 4 to 6pm at the Pool

Bring the kids down to the pool for a Popsicle Party. We will be practicing social distancing and providing wrapped popsicles.

Colorful Popsicles

Pool Closed for the Season

End of Season



Maple Ridge Shout Outs!

Recognizing those that make Maple Ridge a great community!



Simonton Family - Eryn Circle

The Simonton home is this months Yard of the Month!

Congatulations Simonton Family! [Enlarge Picture]

Cleaning Sink


Pool/Pavilion Cleaning Volunteers!

Thank you to all who volunteered to help sanitize the pool, pavilion and pavilion bathrooms this swim season. We were among the few pools that opened this season and it was a great success thanks to your efforts.



Dale Drinkard

Dale Drinkard has donated his time, his tractor and his tractor expertise in helping us spread the mulch at the pool, the top of the pool hill and excavate at the Suwanee Creek entrance. Thank you Dale for your willingness to help at any time!

Ridge Pics

Community Event and Sports Recaps

First Day of School!

Maple Ridge families share images of the first day back to digital or in-person school. Have a great school year!

Summer Swim Pictures

While there weren't any swim meets this Summer, there was still plenty of fun and swim lessons down at the pool!

Maple Ridge Sports!

Stay Active, Compete and have fun with your Neighbors!


Maple Ridge Mantarays Swim Team

The Mantarays weren't able compete this year but were able to keep some normalcy with small group sessions with coaches and teammates. Look for the Mantarays again in the spring of 2021 and for more information on the team and how your child can get involved, please visit


Maple Ridge Tennis

Maple Ridge Tennis teams compete nearly all year with Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. If you are interested in joining the team, even if you just want to practice with the team, please contact us and we will have a team contact reach out to you!


Maple Ridgemen Softball Team

The Maple Ridgemen Softball Team is a fun, semi-competitive team playing in the Gwinnett County Softball League at George Pierce Park. The Ridgemen play in the Spring and Fall seasons. For more information on joining the team, please contact the HOA and the team manager will reach out to you!

Your Neighborhood Advertisements


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Local, Targeted, Budget Friendly
Free advertising space for community members under 18 years old offering community services! Get more details!

Contribute to the Next newsletter

Share your family's big announcements including birthdays, anniversaries, births and college admissions, give a Shout Out to your favorite neighbors and share pictures from community social events or sporting events!

The Maple Ridge Newsletter is created and distributed digitally by the Maple Ridge Homeowners Board with content created by the board and submitted for inclusion by community homeowners. If you have any questions, comments or have suggestions for future newsletters. please contact the Maple Ridge HOA.

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