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Consent Form

The Permanent Member Consent Form is used to finalize a Maple Ridge households transition to Permanent Membership. This notarized consent form will be recorded with Gwinnett County to permanently record a households membership status. This form conveys that the member household is a covenant based household and will assist the Homeowners Association with a required small annual fee to help maintain our community.

The commitment of Permanent Member Households help ensure Maple Ridge is financially capable, through small guaranteed annual contributions, to maintain our community's facilities and common areas and ensure our home values are not impacted by dilapidated or closed facilities. The HOA and your fellow community members thank you for your small annual commitment of just $100 to ensure Maple Ridge is always a community in high demand, competing effectively with neighboring communities.

Completing the Consent Form


1. Please open the Consent Form and Print

2. Take the blank form with your Drivers License to a local library or bank that offers notary services

3. Complete the form in front of the Notary (You do not have to complete the legal description, just enter your address where noted)

4. Mail your form with your annual payment, or if completing after the billing period, contact the HOA to coordinate drop-off or HOA pickup of your consent form.

If you have any questions please contact the HOA at


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