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HOA Board Message - 6/3/2022

Pool Access and Use Infractions, Updates and Rule Reminders

Greetings Neighbors,

The Homeowners Association was notified this past weekend of a large gathering at the pool and pavilion by a non-member household and their guests. After review of security camera footage and Key FOB access records, it was determined a member household provided their key FOB to the large group in advance of the party. We also had another group the previous day try to use their deactivated FOB without success, only to wait for a paid member to let them in. Then again Wednesday, we had a paid member repeatedly prop the gate open despite others closing the gate. With all of these incidents happening over the course of a few days, the board felt it was necessary to remind members and non-members alike of some of the basic rules of swim/tennis and Pavilion access and use. Reviewing security video and key FOB records definitely isn’t how the HOA Board wishes to spend its time, however it is very important that there is integrity in the pool/pavilion access process, and that only paid members use the facilities. Despite having gates, security cameras and electronic access records, Maple Ridge is to a large extent an honor based system and we would certainly like to keep it this way as opposed to pricey gate attendants that will greatly increase operational costs and annual dues. Unlike many communities, we all have the option to either join the pool each year or not join the pool – we just ask that if you choose not to join, you also refrain from using the facilities.


The basic rules that are in place regarding unauthorized access and  propped open gates are in place for a number of reasons which are safety, liability and to maintain the value of a paid membership. If our gates are propped open at any time other than an organized swim practice or meet, we risk being shut down by the county or losing our liability insurance policy. We also risk damage to the facilities by trespassing users which in the past consisted of theft, graffiti, damage to pool covers and underwater pool lights. In order to improve safety, unauthorized access and avoid risking our operational status with the county or risk loss of insurance coverage, we have implemented an alert within the Key FOB entry software to notify the board when the gates are propped open longer than 2 minutes. This will allow us to determine when and who is propping the gates open and allow us to offer a warning before membership restriction has to occur. In addition to propping open the gates, we would like to remind members to not risk their membership access by lending out their key FOB to non-member households or unattended guests. Finally, DO NOT open the gate for others; especially those you do not know.  While it may seem like a kind gesture, for all the reasons we mentioned above, we must maintain strict access to only member households with operation FOB’s with them. We are very quick to respond to lost FOB requests so anyone that is a member can more than likely have a replacement FOB the same day as requested, therefore there is no reason that members should be outside the gate asking for access or waiting for another member to arrive to open the gate.


Our community is very unique with very low annual fees and various levels of membership to fit everyone’s needs. Let’s all work together to keep the costs low, ensure ongoing operational status, improve safety and decrease the chance of vandalism and theft within our community pool.


Thank you neighbors!


Maple Ridge Homeowners Association Board


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