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Street Captain Signup

Signup to be a Maple Ridge Street Captain to help the HOA deliver important materials to our neighbors. The HOA needs 12 Street Captains to cover the 12 routes shown below. If you are interested in helping, please identify the route that is most convenient for you and select the "Signup" link below.



Route Selection

Please click the Signup link below to email us your preferred route. Please include your name, street address, email address and telephone number. You will be contacted shortly after signup with further instructions on your route including a detailed map and start and end addresses. We will also inform you on when we will be delivering the 2021 Invoices to you for delivery to your route. We anticipate we will be delivering the pre-bagged invoices to you approximately Friday, April 16th.
Thank you! 

Dark Green Route

Recipients: 14

Location: Maple Ridge Drive and Basin near Scales entrance.

Status: Unavailable


Orange Route

Recipients: 14

Location: South Scales and Maple Ridge Court.

Status: Unavailable


Light Blue Route

Recipients: 22

Location: Maple Ridge Drive near Scales entrance.

Status: Unavailable


Yellow Route

Recipients: 20

Location: Water Oak, Tab and some Maple Ridge Drive.

Status: Unavailable


Red Route

Recipients: 19

Location: Kenzie Court and some Maple Ridge Drive.

Status: Unavailable


Black Route

Recipients: 18

Location: Eryn Circle and Maple Ridge Drive near 4-way stop.

Status: Unavailable


Purple Route

Recipients: 16

Location: Catherine Court and some Maple Ridge Drive.

Status: Unavailable


Pink Route

Recipients: 19

Location: Danielle Way.

Status: Unavailable


Lime Green Route

Recipients: 11

Location: Dunsford Circle.

Status: Unavailable


Brown Route

Recipients: 13

Location: Eryn Circle near Danielle and Floral Court.

Status: Unavailable


Royal Blue Route

Recipients: 18

Location: Floral Court and Bywood Court.

Status: Unavailable


Grey Route

Recipients: 13

Location: Eryn Circle near Suwanee Creek entrance.

Status: Unavailable

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